ACR-26S Shelleymatic

Air Curtain Refrigerator

Construction of 20-gauge stainless steel and 2" (5.08cm) of high density foamed in place polyurethane insulation provides durability and energy savings. A rear handle with rubber end bumpers combined with flush recessed handle grips on the side make positioning the unit easy. The unit is mounted on 4" (10.2cm) diameter casters (with brakes) with an overall height of 5.37" (13.6cm), and rolls where needed for loading, storage or serving. Unit is wired with cord and plug. Doors: The fully insulated door is constructed of 20-gauge stainless steel with magnetic catch, and opens 270 degrees for ease in loading or unloading. Specify left or right hinging when ordering. Doors can be field reversed with hinges ordered from the factory. A security lock is standard.

Interior Cabinet

22-gauge stainless steel construction, sealed joints and seams provide the ACR-26S with a strong and durable interior. Corners are rounded for ease of cleaning and conforms to NSF standards. Interior air ducts on the left, right and top provide proper air flow to the cabinet. The interior is designed for use with 18" x 26" (46cm x 58cm) trays on adjustable slides spaced 3.75" (9.5cm) apart. Interior panels and brackets are removable for easy cleaning.

Air Curtain

When the door is open, DelfieldÂ’s patented air curtain design directs cold air across the cabinet opening, keeping hot air out and cold air in for extended periods of time. The unit will maintain a maximum of 45°F box temperature at 70°F ambient with the door open and all trays fully behind the air curtain, during peak production times, quickly returning to a normal 36°F. With the door closed, a maximum 40°F at 100°F ambient is maintained (normal operation) while running only 15% in an 85° room.


The base of the cabinet houses the condensing unit. Louvered front and rear panels provide ventilation, as well as easy access for cleaning and servicing the condensing unit and electrical wiring. The refrigeration system uses HFC-404A refrigerant. Compressor is 1/2 horsepower (120v-60c-1ph).


Solid state control with temperature and time display, clean condenser alert and self diagnostic functions.

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ACR-26S Shelleymatic

Air Curtain Refrigerator

Width x Depth x Height 261/2" x 361/4" x 795/8"
(67.31 cm x 92.08 cm x 202.25 cm)
Weight 592 lb (268.5312 kg)
Certifications UL CUL NSF

NOTE: Certifications may differ with various options available for this product. Please check Technical Specifications tab for additional information.


ACR-26S Shelleymatic

ACR-26S Shelleymatic
Air Curtain Refrigerator

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