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Financing is a valuable sales and retention tool for your business.

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Financing enables you to sell more equipment, more frequently, to more customers.  Your successful business customers typically look for financing options.

Sell More Equipment

  • Offer low monthly payments and make equipment acquisition easy for your customers
  • Enable your customers to order additional equipment that they may not have acquired due to cash constraints
  • Increase transaction size and profit margins by selling a monthly payment option

Sell More Frequently

  • Make it easier for your customers to acquire new equipment, upgrade outdated equipment, or add-on to existing equipment
  • Develop recurring selling opportunities and build a long-term relationship for repeat business

Offering financing to your customer enhances your value proposition.

Financing allowed your customers to enjoy many valuable benefits.

Customers have the ability to:

  • Obtain the latest technology available
  • Protect against technological advances
  • Lower upfront costs
  • Take advantage of flexible pay structures
  • Bundle costs for installation, service and taxes

Sell More to Customers

  • Close sales more quickly by offering financing options your sales team can spend more time in front of potential prospects
  • Control the sale by offering "one-stop shopping" - equipment, technology, servicing and financing all in one package
  • Increase customer loyalty by being a single, convenient source for quality products and flexible affordable financing options.

Do you really sell a total solution?

If you are not currently offering a financing option when closing new sales, you are missing a critical opportunity.  Providing customers with a way to finance their acquisition can make the difference between high growth and low growth.

Financing is available to qualifying customers within the 50 United States and Canada only.