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Saving the Planet, One Dollar at a Time


Environmental responsibility and energy conservation are two of the hottest topics in foodservice today.   Through our Garland Canada Enerlogic™ program, we make it easy to identify, evaluate and purchase more than 700 foodservice products which are verified to meet independent third-party standards to save energy, save water, save money, and help save the planet.  And because Garland Canada and our leading brands understand reducing energy use and improving the environment is good business for foodservice operators, we've accelerated our efforts to offer more products that save energy and water while contributing to reducing your "environmental footprint."

According to Restaurant Business, going green has gone mainstream as everyone from specialty coffee shops to burger chains searches for ways to reduce their footprints on the planet. Energy conservation is smart in more ways than one. It not only benefits the environment, but also has a positive bottom-line impact as well. A recent ENERGY STAR® study showed that operators could increase profits by as much as one-third (.00 for every .00 in profit) if they saved 20 percent on energy costs.

When it comes to going green, no one offers a broader portfolio of "green" products than Garland Canada. We pioneered the EnerLogic™ program to help operators maximize energy savings and profit by identifying the most energy-efficient and environmentally responsible equipment in our portfolio. Only equipment meeting stringent third-party standards may qualify for the EnerLogic™ seal. Because different types of equipment have different standards, depending on the type of energy and conservation benefits involved, the EnerLogic™ program incorporates a combination of third-party standards, including—

  • Meeting or exceeding California Energy Commission rebate standards, or
  • Being ENERGY STAR® rated, or
  • Meeting criteria outlined by the Federal Energy Management Program, including products that—
  • Incorporate new energy-saving technology,
  • Involve renewable energy,
  • Demonstrate water efficiency, and/or
  • Feature sustainable design and operations.