The Convotherm Easy System

See how the Convotherm Easy System can transform your operation...

State of the Art technology featuring the EasyToUCH™ interface and Patented Advanced Closed System re-invents the way operators prepare food. Inspire your menu to Create and Save!

Create exciting new menu items, simplify kitchen procedures and improve your profits. The Convotherm Combi Oven-Steamer by Cleveland is the only combi oven specifically made for the rigors of American foodservice. Learn how this heavy-duty, user friendly combi oven provides the ultimate in preparation freedom with absolute freedom from worry, saving operators money in energy and water savings

  1. Advanced Closed System provides convection cooking, steam cooking, or a combination of both at the same time. The Advanced Closed System Automatically controls the energy and moisture level based on the type of food being cooked, eliminating unnecessary energy usage and using less water too.
  2. + Crisp & Tasty finishing control removes moisture for crisp, golden results without deep frying. Dare to compare
  3. + Press-and-Go auto-pilot controls "foolproof" cooking procedures for key menu items at the simple "touch of a button"
  4. + Disappearing Door slides out of the way for safety. Frees up aisle space too.
  5. Heavy duty construction made in the U.S.A by Cleveland Range.
  6. Rotary door handle safety position prevents steam injuries.
  7. ConvoClean™ Automtic cleaning system cleans and sterilizes the interior and keeps the oven in "like new" condition automatically.