One Fast Solution

One Fast Solution:
Advanced Cooking Technology®

Accelerated cooking technology debuted with Merrychef® microwave ovens in the early 1960s, but it’s only in the past decade that it has been widely embraced by a broad spectrum of foodservice operators.

They’re fast discovering the many benefits the technology delivers, benefits that start with faster speed of service and extend to labor and energy reduction, waste reduction, “smart” functionality and space-saving efficiency. With a complete portfolio of Advanced Cooking Technology (ACT) equipment brands and a dedicated team of specialists to assist with strategic selection and implementation, Manitowoc Foodservice is the industry’s only one-source ACT solution.

The company’s Merrychef, Convotherm®, Lincoln and Garland® brands all offer ACT platforms to meet diverse menu and operational needs, from pizza and hot sandwich production to steak, seafood and delicate pastry items for fine dining and banquets. And, all include ground-breaking products that have been recognized with National Restaurant Association (NRA) Kitchen Innovation Awards.

Used alone or in combination, ACT solutions help operators:

  • Expand menus and tap into trends by enabling the addition of items that would take too much time in conventional ovens.
  • Increase speed of service by up to 80 percent, boosting throughput, sales, and profits.
  • Cook to order, increasing quality and eliminating holding and waste.
  • Save space and energy. Footprints are small, energy use is often half that of conventional equipment, and no external ventilation systems are required.
  • Improve product quality and consistency thanks to full backend programmability and simple, intuitive operation.

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