In  1991, Garland, a leader in the commercial cooking industry for over a century, launched its line of residential ranges, engineered to offer all of the performance benefits of its legendary commercial ranges in a product designed specifically for use at home. In 1999, this product line was discontinued and Garland curtailed its sales of residential cooking products. If you are the owner of one or more Garland residential products, you may still obtain service and product-related information from ADCO Service by using the contact numbers and links below:

Toll Free Customer Service: 877-873-2333
Fax: 480-998-7877
Web Site:ADCO


Commercial Products in Non-commercial Applications:

Please note that Garland Commercial Industries, LLC / Garland Commercial Ranges Ltd. [hereinafter known as Garland] does not recommend or authorize the use of any Garland, U.S. Range or SunFire branded products (“Garland Products”) in any non-commercial application, including but not limited to residential use (“Non-commercial Applications”). Garland will provide neither warranty protection nor service of any kind for any Garland Products where used in Non-commercial Applications.

The use or installation of Garland Products in Non-commercial Applications renders all warranties, express or implied, null and void. This includes any responsibility for damage, costs and legal actions resulting from the use or installation of any Garland Products in any non-commercial setting.

In certain cases, use or installation of any commercial unit in a Non-commercial Application may also violate local building codes, safety standards, fire regulations and insurance coverage.

In the event that Garland Product is installed in a Non-commercial Application, Garland is not and will not be responsible for any of the following:  

  • New product warranty provisions as detailed in appropriate warranty documents. The standard warranty is immediately null and void.
  • Technical advice or support.
  • Provision of warranty or any form of after market service and/or parts.
  • The supply of any additional technical or service related materials that would aid and abet the installation, use, service or repair of a Garland Product in such an application.

Garland does not allow or authorize any of its authorized service agents, or their sub-agents to install a Garland Product in a Non-commercial Application. Authorized parts dealers and sub-agents are not authorized to sell or make available parts to any party who may have a Garland Product in a Non-commercial Application.

Garland will not make any exceptions or waivers under this policy. This policy applies to all parties associated with the sales, service, maintenance and parts distribution or redistribution for Garland.